Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare) by Rev. Joseph E. Kane


“Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare) – Book by Rev. Joseph E. Kane, OMI

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The late Reverend Joseph E. Kane, Author of Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare), was an experienced Roman Catholic Exorcist, trained in Rome.   The former Chief Exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, upon seeing this book in someone’s hands, is reported to have said ‘it’s one of the best books ever written on the subject.  It should be in the hands of everyone!’  

Further testimonials for “Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare):

“In Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare), Father Kane presents solid teaching about the many ways used by Satan in his efforts to destroy the children of God.  Drawing on his years of experience in the mission fields of Latin America, he illustrates this teaching with startling simple stories of demonic activity and deliverance of the individuals involved.  The appropriate prayers which follow each story, set this book apart and are a healing experience for the reader.  A must for all pastoral leaders and those involved in ministry.  But it is, obviously, for everyone.”  Jim Heffernan, Deacon/President, C.C.S.O.

“Father Joseph Kane, OMI, a good friend of mine, a man of prayer and deep dedication to Jesus and the Catholic Church with a deep love for his people.  Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare), his book based on lived experiences in Latin and North America:  practical – down to earth – easy to read – clear points – excellent testimonies – lots of supporting scripture – powerful prayers that bring the freedom and newness of life in Jesus – great love for Mary.  Father Kane helps us to see that God’s plan for the world today is attacked by Satan on all levels.  It is great for today’s parish (priest and people, young and old).  Highly recommended for all.”  Father Francis Frankovich, Former Pastor of St. Mary’s Church, Ottawa.