Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals Combo Pack – By Donation – Water, Oil, Salt & Blessing Prayer


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Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals Combo Pack includes by suggested donation only, 3 bags of blessed salt, 2 pouches of holy water in new sealed packet form, anointing oil (new 3.3 oz bottle) and blessing prayer and prayer to consecrate your home as a refuge.  Blessed using the Old Roman Ritual by a Roman Catholic priest.

Blessed Holy Water comes in Emergency Drinking Water Pouches.  No special storage required – it can withstand temperatures from (-40°C to 99°C) without bursting.  Pouch contents can be transferred to a sterilized container if you wish, but used for external use only, blessings, consecrating homes etc.  Discard if water becomes cloudy or dirty.  Discard oil if it becomes cloudy, dirty, smelly as any oil will spoil over time.

Blessed Salt, Water and Oil NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.  DO NOT EAT/DRINK.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Store in a cool, dark, dry place or refrigerator.

Combo packs available by suggested donation amount only to cover our costs to produce, package and distribute.