Where Do I Fit? Discernment & Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Second Workshop in our  “Where Do I Fit” Series – Saturday, March 16, 2019 – 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

St. John the Apostle Church, 2340 Baseline Road, Ottawa

Cost:  $20.00  Payable by cash, cheque payable to Karen Bourgon or E-Tsf to livesisterhood@gmail.com

This event is organized by Sister†Hood and Divya Kiran International (Divine Light)** and presented by Heather MacPhail* of DKI.

You do not need to have taken Part I to participate.  Handouts will be sent to you prior to the workshop for you to read, complete and bring to Part II.

God has created each one of us to play a role in making God’s love known to the Church and to the world. Have you discovered the role you are called to play in your family, in your workplace and in your parish?

You are invited to come learn more about the various gifts of the Spirit, how to discern the gifts God has given you, and how to develop these gifts and find out where they might be needed in the church.

Join Heather MacPhail, M.Sc; Ph.D.; MSW-RSW, as she deepens our exploration of Christian discernment of where God wants to place you in the Body of Christ.

*Heather (Fernandez) MacPhail M.Sc; Ph.D.;MSW:RSW works with the traumatized using both professional tools as well as the psycho-spiritual approach.  She believes that the world is crying out for the healing of our emotional wounds and this is but one of her attempts to respond to this great need.

She strongly believes that we need to make a collective response and looks forward to the day when her beloved Church, the Catholic Church, will take leadership in offering Psycho-Spiritual healing tools to everyone who needs and wants healing.

Heather lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband, Richard MacPhail.

**Divya Kiran International is an organization started by Heather as a vehicle for her work.  Her website is under construction.  Heather’s work is approved by the Diocese of Ottawa and conforms to Catholic doctrine.