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Inner healing, spiritual protection/spiritual warfare, prayer toolkit for men and women.

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Sister†Hood Ki†s are powerful, inspirational, healing, spiritual protection/spiritual warfare, prayer toolkits that are easy to use for both men and women.  Each Ki† contains a User’s Guide and:

  • † Six Steps to Healing & Deliverance Guide
  • † Holy Spirit Prayer Card
  • † Sister†Hood Prayer Pamphlet with Spiritual Protection Prayers
  • † Inspirational Bookmark
  • † Notebook & Pen
  • † Sister†Hood Prayer Cards
  • † A personal witness of testimony
  • † Divine Mercy Chaplet Guide & Pamphlet
  • †Blessing Prayer & Guide for use with Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals
  • †Copy of Heather MacPhail’s Book – “On the Path to Calvary; Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross
  • †Miraculous Medal
  • †Pewter medal of Saint Benedict with a third class relic inserted on the back. Saint Benedict is the patron saint of Europe, good deaths and speleologists.
  • †Both medals blessed by Roman Catholic Priests

†Exorcism Blessed Salt, Exorcism Blessed Holy Water Packet  and Father’s Love Letter free with each Sister†Hood Ki†. Used by permission Father Heart Communications © 1999