The Deliverance Ne†work Channel

The Deliverance Ne†work Channel

The evolution of The Deliverance Ne†work is true testimony that big things can come from small seeds.

God planted the seed in December, 1999 with what I like to call My Angel Story. I experienced a powerful divine intervention in a moment of profound sorrow. It was the pivotal moment that I knew God was real.

That moment marked the beginning of a deep, mystical journey with God; thankfully all under the direction of wonderful Catholic priests that God providentially dropped in my lap. Seven years in, God made it known to me that I was to share these profound experiences. In fact, the direction was made quite specific by God in 2006 when He said:

The time has come for you to share that which you have been receiving”.

However, as anyone who labours for the Lord knows, the path is only illuminated a few steps at a time…For a year I pondered the “how”, and “what will people think”…in the end my spiritual director at the time, the wonderful, holy, late Reverend Joseph E. Kane, made the simple suggestion “Why don’t you start a website?”

This direction was confirmed in 2008 by a powerful experience before the Blessed Sacrament, where I had a vision of the right arm of Jesus extending from the Host. I could feel it rest on my head, and then I heard His shout command:

GO!! Preach unto the nations!

I and my parish priest knew this was the confirmation we had both been seeking. So, in February, 2009, The Deliverance Network was born.

After many years of sharing in writing many of my mystical experiences and ‘messages’, God again expanded the journey by dropping a young reporter in my lap – the very talented Charlie Senack. Together we began the process of creating documentaries and our new Youtube Channel – The Deliverance Network, in order to share this journey that God has asked me to impart to the world.

Brewing still in my heart, and in fledgling seeds on electronic paper, are the books I hope to publish in future to share my journey and God’s message for all who wish to hear.

It is my hope that my testimony & witness are inspiration and support for you in your own Christian spiritual journey. May God bless you richly in your search for and journey with God, as we all make the narrow climb from time to eternity to our wonderful destiny that awaits in Heaven.