June Book Club Videos & Questions for Study/Discussion

Thursday, June 4, 2020 – 10:00 a.m. – Online with Zoom

Book:  David Currie’s book, Born Fundamentalist, Born again Catholic


David Currie – Youtube Video – Quest for Truth – 50 minutes

Questions for : David Currie’s book, Born Fundamentalist, Born again Catholic:

1) p. 2 Protestants believe in 2 pillars 1) Sola Scriptura; the bible is the final authority, and 2 Sola Fide; justified by faith alone – once a Christian and believing in these you gain heaven and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Do you think this enough? Explain.

2) p. 5 David Currie had a problem with Catholic Virgin Mary, whom he believed to have other children, calling priests ‘father’, confessing to a priest our sins, elevating Mary to co-redemptrix and mediatrix of all graces. What would you say to him on these statements.

3) What do you admire about Protestants?

4) p. 10-12 Why is is it difficult for someone who is a Protestant and especially a minister to switch to Catholicism?

5) p. 17 What was it that convinced David to convert?

6) When David read the bible cover to cover he said it would not be possible for the traditions and information to be passed on solely by information put in the bible. He realized that information had to be passed on by tradition. Discuss.

7) p. 77-80 What do you say to an evangelical that we are saved by faith alone?

8) p. 80-82 Were you surprised that some evangelical ministers only follow the Pauline letters and say that what Jesus quoted was passe and not relevant today?

9) Evangelicals say they are guaranteed to go to heaven if they believe in Jesus and give themselves up to the Lord. Catholics would think this guarantee is the sin of presumption. Explain.

10) Protestants think they go straight to heaven, while Catholics think they may need to go to purgatory. Why the difference?