December Book Club Videos & Questions for Study/Discussion

December Book Club Questions & Videos – Gangland to Promised Land by John Pridmore – December 6, 2019

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Video Three

1) Describe John Pridmore’s early life.

2) How did John’s mother affect his conversion?

3) Does it surprise you that a criminal could be used by God to convert others?

4) Can you give examples of other criminals that were used by God to convert others?

5) How did God use John?

6) p. 104-106 When John worked at the Youth Club he found most of the teenagers were from single parents with no father. The children felt a burden to their mother and felt unloved. How did they relate to John?

7) Does this book give you hope for society or your wayward children?

8) p. 191 Comment on the following quote by John. “Every person in heaven has been a sinner and every person in hell has been a sinner. The only difference is that those who are in heaven came to God asking forgiveness. All our names are written in heaven. The only person who can erase your name is yourself through choices.”

9) p. 194 Why does John say to avoid the occult, Ouija board, tarot cards, and new age.

10 p. Comment of the following statement; When it’s difficult to pray, this is when you receive the most graces.