November Book Club Videos & Questions for Study/Discussion

November Book:  Unbound by Neal Lozano
Comment on the following questions/statements.

Video One

Video Two

1) Have any of you used the techniques from Unbound, ie: In the name of Jesus, I renounce the spirits of _____ . I reject it, I bind it, and I put it at the foot of the cross never to return.

2) p. 16 or 57 What are the five keys or prayers?

3) p. p. 33 p. 45-55 What is the purpose of each key?

4. p. 33 (p 45-55) How do spirits enter us? Are we meant to live in pain and suffering?

5. p.34 Why does deliverance give us hope?

6. p. 38 Explain the following comment: The devil actually means accuser or slanderer; twisting God’s word’s, questioning God’s mother, making empty promises and presenting evil as good.

7. p. 177-187 What are mistakes people make when they pray over people?

8. p. p. 39  Why does God allow man or even the angels to be tempted?

9. p. 55 Name ways we can strengthen our faith.

10 p. 64 – 66 What are the sins of the older brother in the story of the prodigal son?

11 p. 128 Comment on the following: We look for a formula for freedom, instead of a relationship with the Lord.  We want to escape the need to depend on the Lord daily. We want to be free, not from bondage, but from the cross. Why is a relationship with Christ more important than a formula for deliverance?

12 p. 156 Comment on the following statement: I repent, I believe, I renounce, I command… Learning the power of our declarations is part of the deliverance process. When we assist others in the deliverance process we are helping them to take responsibility for their lives and to respond in faith to Jesus.

13 p. 181-183 After driving out demons, why is it important to bless the person?

14 p. 242 Review the ten steps for Deliverance in the Unbound book.