January & February Book Club Videos & Questions for Study/Discussion

Friday, January 31, 2020 – 9:45 a.m.

“In the Footsteps of Loneliness” – Catherine Doherty

Bishop Sheen Video on Loneliness

Reflection from Gospel Mystery of the Day

Comment on the following statements of the book:

1) p. 8 Hell is our separation from God. In this sense, walking in loneliness is a walk through hell. But Christ has not abandoned us. He does not forsake us in hell. We create our own loneliness through sin. God creates this loneliness through sin, to keep us longing for and returning to him.

2) p. 9 Jesus left the other side of the cross open so that you can share it with him. In loneliness, your side becomes a prayer. Don’t despair, because Jesus is with you.

3) p. 14 We do not have to go through life desiring to be loved. We must go through life loving. This is the whole secret through life loving. This is the whole secret. It’s by experiencing loneliness that we know love.

4) p. 23 Self pity comes from concentrating on man’s loneliness rather that the loneliness God has placed in us himself. Loneliness brings creativity & talent, ie: Woodworking, sewing, pottery, needle work, painting, music, etc.

5) p. 35 The greatest mystery is to communicate with people in depth. Suddenly because your eyes are opened, you know that each person that you communicate with is Christ himself. With his arms open, He says, Come to me, all who labour and are over burdened, and I will give you rest.

6) p. 36 The bridge that dispels loneliness is friendship and forgiveness. I can not be lonely. I can never be lonely if I forgive. But forgiveness must be total. Man is not capable of totally forgiving, unless he has recourse to God and only through God can we forgive one another totally.

7) p. 58 Loneliness should be killed. There are over three wide roads to killing loneliness. Love your God, Love your neighbour, and love your enemies.

8) p. 102 What are we all hungering for? Let us use that world “holiness” – that is what we are hungering for – holiness. What is holiness? Holiness is the forgetfulness of one self for others. Deep down in our hearts all of us wish we would be really holy. The way to holiness is loneliness.

9) p. 102 Once we face the holiness of God – its creativeness, the restoration of ourselves and others come with it. We begin to understand that it is not a loneliness at all because at some point, he reveals himself. Then Jesus will reveal Himself to you, “I was with you all the time.”

Friday, February 7, 2020 – 9:45 a.m.

“Born for Friendship: The Spirit of St. Thomas More”

( Feel free to read any book on St. Thomas More. The movie and videos below are also very good.  Also, A Man for All Seasons – the play is excellent which you may have read in high school and will most likely be in the library)

Videos of the Play, A Man for All Seasons

18 Minute Video on St. Thomas More

Fr Mitch Pacwa Discusses St. Thomas More

Movie – A Man for All Seasons – 2 hrs 25 mins

Questions for Reflection:
1) In the day of relativism, how can St. Thomas More to be an example for politicians today?

2) What means did Wolsey, and Cramner and the king use to make St Thomas More conform to their ideas?

3) What did St. Thomas have to give up in order to stand by his principles?

4) Why was it so important for the king to gain St Thomas More’s approval when he had so many other people signing the oath of succession?

5) Why did the king want a divorce from his first wife Catherine?

6) Comment: St. Thomas said that a politician cannot give up his private conviction for the sake of his public opinion, otherwise there will be chaos. Do you see this happening today? Give an example.

7) Comment – More does not want his prospective son-in-law Will to marry his daughter Margaret. He says Will was first a Catholic, then a Lutheran. More said that until Will gets his head turned around straight, then Will won’t be able to marry More’s daughter.

8) Why did St. Thomas say to Roper, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul for Wales?

9) Comment – Cromwell is the eyes and ears of the king and gets things done, especially when it comes to enabling the king to get a new wife. How did he underestimate St. Thomas More?

10) Why is it so ironic that King Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce because he blamed his wife for not providing a male heir?

11) In what ways is St. Thomas a good example for politicians today?

12) What happened in England because of King Henry’s divorce?

13) Comment – Woolsley and Cramner ask St. Thomas to say the oath, but in More’s heart, he can think otherwise. More replies that an oath is something that you say to God, so you cannot be duplicate.