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A Prophetic Look at 2021 – Jonathan Cahn – Youtube Video – 1 Hour

George Pell’s ‘old foe’ accused of using Vatican funds to rig trial – Youtube Video

Explaining the Faith – Understanding Fatima – Fr. Chris Alar – Youtube Video – 1 Hour 17 Minutes


Fr. Altman: Our Hope Is In The Lord – Youtube Video – 16 Minutes

The Church has Entered Her Passion – Youtube Video – 15 Minutes

The Devil Wants a Civil War – Crisis Magazine Article

The TRUTH About SUPREME COURT Justice Amy Coney Barrett | LOVE WINS! – Youtube Video – 18 Minutes

The White Supremacist Roots of the Abortion Industry – Crisis Magazine Article

12 messages given to Padre Pio by Jesus about the end of the world – Youtube Video

Why Purgatory must Exist – Fr. Chris Alair Video –  The Divine Mercy

German Cardinal Warns Modernist Schism Coming – Return to Tradition – Youtube Video – 9 Minutes

Church Militant – The Vortex – Catholic Info Wars – Video & Article

Pope Francis Fires Cardinal Becciu & Cardinal Pell Strikes Back: 5 FACTS – Youtube Video – 28 minutes


LifeSite News Article – Pope Benedict links dominance of ‘homosexual marriage…abortion’ to spiritual power of ‘Anti-Christ’

Bishop Schneider: Govt’s are using COVID-19 as pretext to ‘persecute’ Church – Article

Spirit Daily Article – “The Prophetic Pulse: The Beginning Of The End Or The End Of The Beginning?”

Global News Article – United Front groups in Canada helped Beijing stockpile coronavirus safety supplies

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – China: War Without Rules – Article

PART 6 of Virtual Retreat: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Matthew 24 in the Bible Speaks of Our Times – Countdown to the Kingdom

PART 5 of Virtual Retreat: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – The Warning, the Tribulation, and the Church Entering the Tomb – Countdown to the Kingdom Video & writing

Dawn of Hope – Video – Countdown to the Kingdom

Mary Refuge of Souls Website – Various Prophecies

True and False Statements Regarding Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Countdown to the Kingdom Article

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Is Taken by St. Padre Pio to Heaven and Meets the Holy Family – Countdown to the Kingdom Article

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about the End Times Message Given to Him at Knock, Ireland – Youtube Video 52 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Has Received Prophetic Knowledge of the Future of the Church and the World – Youtube Video 1 hour

The ‘Corona’ of Mercy – Fr. Chris Alair – Divine Mercy Video

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about The Battle of Angels and Demons on Earth – Youtube Video 51 minutes

The Miracle of Medjugorje – Movie 1 Hr, 45 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Abbot and Exorcist, Talks about Protection from the Chastisement of Fire & More – Youtube Video 22 minutes

The Microchip – Part I – Youtube Video – 13 minutes

Mark Mallett discusses Mystery Babylon – Article

Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church followed by risk of World War III – Youtube video 29 minutes

Luisa Picarretta – On Chastisements – Countdown to the Kingdom Article

Will a Purification for Humanity begin in the Fall 2020 – Article

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., On Coming COVID Vaccines – Inside the Vatican Article

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about the Past and Future of the Antichrist in the World – Youtube video 43 minutes

Introduction Handbook and Prayers for the Association of the
Auxilium Christianorum (Fr Ripperger recommended the prayers of Auxilium Christianorum to be said daily to break generations spirits that have entered families.)- pdf

What Is the Mark of the Beast? (Revelation 13) – Article


Exorcised water and salt can protect you from Corona Virus by Fr James Blount -Youtube Video – 3 minutes

Plandemic Movie – Bit Chute -26 Minutes

COVID911 – INSURGENCY – Bit Chute Video – 9 minutes


Catholic bishops fear Scotland’s hate crime law could criminalize Bible and Catechism – Article

A 10 year-old autistic and blind boy singing. His voice shocked everyone – Youtube Video 6 minutes

Fr. Altman: God Gave Us A Brain, Let Us Use It – Youtube Video 27 minutes

Look At The Virgin During Beirut Explosion! – Spirit Daily Video

Kamala Harris’s Abortion Absolutism – Spirit Daily Article

The Vortex — Kamala Family, Slave Owners

Explaining the Faith — Why Purgatory Must Exist – Youtube Video – 1.5 hrs

Satanic Temple Raffles Off Free Abortion to Promote Killing Babies as Religious Rituals – Article

UNIVERSAL Restoration 2020s: Luisa Piccarreta in 9 Minutes (The Imminent Arrival of God’s Kingdom) – Youtube Video – 10 minutes

The great events of purification will begin this fall – Fr. Michel Rodrige prophecies – Article

Messages of Salvation – Enoch Prophecies website

Warnings for dog food exposed – article & video

Carter Page: Ex-FBI lawyer’s guilty plea is ‘tip of the iceberg’ in FBI wrongdoing – Youtube Video – 10 minutes

Tucker Carlson: Kenosha riots prove urban unrest is ‘class war masquerading as a race conflict’ – Article

The Church Has Entered Her Passion – Youtube Video – 15 minutes

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses – Article

Jason Evert: Tales of a Chastity Speaker – Youtube Video – 57 minutes

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom (His personal views, not HBS) – Youtube Video

An Enzyme Called ‘Luciferase’ – Spirit Daily Article

Are The Police Racist? – Youtube Video – 5 minutes


St. Faustina’s Visions of the Afterlife- Youtube Video – 23 minutes

What newly released Pentagon maps reveal about China’s growing military reach – Article

Countdown to the Kingdom – Other Prophecies – Various Articles

Countdown to the Kingdom – The Seer Jennifer – Article

Look At The Debates And Feast Days! – Spirit Daily Article

The Prophetic Pulse: Reconsidering LaSalette – Spirit Daily Article

Fr. Altier: Coronavirus – The Truth Revealed – Youtube Video – 19 minutes

Harris vs. the Knights of Columbus – Can the Democrats tolerate Catholics who take the church’s teachings seriously? – Article

Donald Trump’s Pro-Life Achievements (2016-2020) – Article

Trump To Sign ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order, Protecting Premature Babies And Abortion Survivors – Article

The Truth About: Prophecy for Today and for the End Times (Fr. Chris Alar, MIC) – Youtube Video – 1 Hour

Benedictus Moments by Saint Luke Productions – Daily Meditations

St. Michael Archangel Apparition Monte Gargano May 8 – Article

Inside The Cave-Shrine Where Saint Michael The Archangel Appeared – Article

Overwhelmed by so much evil? Here are 3 of St. Michael’s weapons

7 Sanctuaries linked by a straight line: The legendary Sword of St. Michael- Article

Angels & Dragons XVI: St. Michael & All Souls – Article & Video


Prophetic Word From Jonathan Cahn – The Mystery Behind 2020 And America’s Shaking – Youtube Video – 10 Minutes

URGENT Call to THE RETURN | Jonathan Cahn, Mike Lindell, Steve Cioccolanti, Leaders Call to Prayer – Youtube Video – 5 Minutes

St. Faustina’s Visions of the Afterlife – Youtube Video –  23 minutes

Sacha Stone – #Canada and the New Frontier with Rocco Galati and Ted Kuntz Live – interesting Youtube video on Canada’s role with Covid 19 – 1 Hour

Explaining the Faith – Catholic View of End Times (Part 1 of 3)

Explaining the Faith – Catholic View of End Times (Part 2 of 3)

Explaining the Faith – Catholic View of End Times (Part 3 of 3)

Bible Quotes – Comfort from Psalms – Spirit Daily Article

Bill Gates Father Ran Planned Parenthood, His Mother Created Microsoft, Together They Trained Their Son To Spread The Gospel Of Eugenics – Article

2 minute video from Fr. Chris Alar – Are These the End Times?

Incredible Trump 2020 Campaign Ad – Video – 5 Minutes

Sister Emmanuel tells the story of Brother Daniel a Franciscan Friar who dies and is resurrected. What does he see? Come, listen and learn how we all can have a second chance. – Youtube Video – 21 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Abbot and Exorcist, Shares Miracles of Jesus and the Holy Family – Youtube Video – 6 minutes

THE WARNING-The Coming Illumination of Conscience of Souls When We Will See Ourselves as God Sees Us – Youtube Video – 6 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about Sin and the Warning. Why Not to Fear the Devil. – Youtube Video – 59 minutes

You were warned – Salatte prophecy

Sin and the warning Dom Michel Rodrigue –

Bill Gates agenda to have everyone have a vaccine
The three days of darkness by Padre Pio
Maria Saraco discusses Garabandal with Mother Angelica
2 planes sent to China to pick up medical supplies come back empty
Could China and Russia take over?
Sign of the times

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about The Battle of Angels and Demons on Earth – Youtube Video – 51 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about the End Times Message Given to Him at Knock, Ireland – Youtube Video – 52 minutes

The Vortex – Arrest Bill Gates – Youtube Video – 5 minutes

Amazing Grace Movie Preview/Overview (Human Trafficking) – Youtube – 4 minutes

Prominent clergy, laity issue statement exposing coronavirus plot for ‘world govt’ – Youtube Video – 11 minutes

Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next – Politico Article

Spirit Daily Article – Mary’s Book of Preparation for End Times

A prophetic webcast from Mark Mallett 10 years ago – Youtube – 19 minutes

Catholic Exchange Article – Holy Communion Nourishes your Supernatural Life

Trump Administration End Federal Fetal Tissue Research – Spirit Daily Article

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about the Past and Future of the Antichrist in the World – Countdown to the Kingdom Youtube Video – 43 minutes

‘Dangerous’: Ontario doctor sounds alarm over Canada’s coronavirus vaccine deal with China – News Article from Lifesite News

Joseph Gloor’s Testimony about Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire – Youtube Video – 5 minutes

Courageous Priest Admonishes Bishops for Abandoning Their Flocks – Youtube Video – 27 minutes

Video from Mark Mallett & Daniel O’Connor – “Fear Not” – Youtube – 1 hour

Short message from Mark Mallett – Great Shaking, Great Awakening

Courageous Priest’s Homily on Riots – Youtube Video – 23 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Apostle of the Last Times Part II – Youtube Video – 34 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Apostle of the Last Times Part I – Youtube Video – 44 minutes

Ralph Martin – Fr. Michael Scanlan’s Amazing Prophecy An Urgent Message for Today – Youtube video – 19 minutes

Article on Prisoner Camps in the United States 

Prophecy of Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich – Youtube Video – 46 minutes

Who Is Bill Gates?! MUST SEE Documentary By James Corbett on Press For Truth!! – Youtube Video – 38 minutes

Archbishop Vigano’s Powerful Letter to President Trump

Sister Emmanuel videos on Youtube or on our website:

– Come to Me! My name is Mercy (34:59)

– Maïsa Arraf sings in arabic “Resurrection”(3:20)

– Paul, the prayer of a poor (13:31)
– Three days to defeat death (37:54)
– don’t Miss Our Second Chance! Fra Daniele Natale (20:47)
– The 24 hours of the Gospa (12:15)
– Medjugorje in confinement (4:36)
– Consecrate your death and heal from fear (13:18)
 – Choose your future; Heaven, Purgatory or Hell (25:18)
 – Gratitude: the Secret to Happiness (13:43)
Sister Emmanuel prays to Saint Joseph (13:37)
 – Forgive and be free! (9:23)
 – Prayer to Jesus in the Womb of Mary (7:00)
 – Jealousy: Commentary of Nov. 25 message, 2019 (6:24)
 – The Chaplet of Divine Mercy (8:39)
 – You had an abortion? I have something to share with you! (4:50)
 – The power of Fasting in 10 minutes (9:26)
– Help your priests! (5:35)
– The miracle of Baby Jesus (5:44)
– How to deal with suffering (1:09:53)

Dr SHIVA LIVE We are at War #FireFauci End the Shutdown – Youtube Video – 52 minutes

CORONAVIRUS: Globalism’s Perfect Storm – Youtube Video – 2 hours

Rebel News Youtube Video – 7 minutes – Canada’s chief public health officer must resign or be fired | Ezra Levant – Investigation into the WHO

Spirit Daily Plague Journal: China’s Mysteries

Spirit Daily Report: Chinese Lab Meddling With Virus Was Funded By U.S.

EXCLUSIVE Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV Dr Shiva – Youtube Video – 1 1/2 hours

COVID-19: ‘It May Turn Out That The World Has Been Deceived’ Hints Russian Military Intelligence Agent – Article

The Coronavirus and the Culture War – E. Michael Jones – Youtube video – 13 minutes

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks | NTD – Youtube Video – 3 minutes

The Coming Chastisement – Fr. Mark Goring – Youtube Video – 4 1/2 minutes

Fr. Mark Goring – The Three Days of Darkness – Youtube Video – 5 minutes

St. Faustina’s Vision of the Afterlife – Youtube Video – 23 minutes

THE WARNING-The Coming Illumination of Conscience of Souls When We Will See Ourselves as God Sees Us – Queen of Peace Media – Youtube Video – 6 minutes

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Prophetic Knowledge of the future of the Church and the world – Youtube Video – 1 hour

Seal your Door by Putting Divine Mercy Image on Door – Divine Mercy Youtube Video – 4 minutes

Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi amid coronavirus pandemic – Youtube Video – 2 hours

Mark Mallet Daily Blog – Our Lady Prepare III

Fr. Michel Rodrigue Talks about Our Lady’s Most Important Words from Medjugorje – Youtube Video – 18 minutes

Divine Mercy Sunday Amidst a Global Crisis – Apostles of Divine Mercy Article

Alleged Miracle And Potent Blood Of Christ Prayer

Thoughts in the times of Covid-19 – from The Archdiocese of Ottawa

Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Chaplet

Ten Spiritual Counsels For Our Troubling Times from Fr. Timothy Gallagher – Discerning Hearts Special Video Podcast 

Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence for Divine Mercy Chaplet

CTV News Article – Canadian Astronauts Share Advice on Self-Isolating during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Fr. Rick Lorenz, Holy Redeemer, Offers Daily Mass Online

20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home

“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation”, Dr. Devra Davis  – Youtube Video – 1 hour

Signs and Wonders from Fatima and the 1918 Flu

Trump Declares National Day of Prayer May 7th

Spirit Daily Blog – Across the Board (and Bow)

Examination of Conscience

Archdiocese of Ottawa/Cornwall cancels weekend Masses due to Covid-19

Free – Joseph of Nazareth online Movie – approx.  90 minutes

Ted Talk – How Menopause affects the Brain

China has ‘Global Chokehold’ on Medicine – Breitbart Article

Discernment Beat:  Was Disney Evil ?- Spirit Daily Article

Spanish Apparition Site Destroyed – Spirit Daily Article

Illumination of Conscience with Fr. Mark Goring – Youtube Video – 2.5 minutes

Our Lady of Good Success Novena starts Friday, January 24, 2020

Abortions and Vaccines – a Nefarious History – Spirit Daily Article

How to avoid WW3 – Communion on the Knees-Fr. Mark Goring, CC – Youtube Video – 3 minutes

Three Heresies Threatening the Catholic Church – Fr. Mark Goring, CC – Youtube Video – 3 1/2 minutes

Vision of Hell & Purgatory by Marino Restrepo – Youtube Video – 49 minutes 

A House Blessing for 2020 – Chalking the Doors for Epiphany 2020 (January 6, 2020)
DnA Live Show
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Medjugorje Apparitions & Prophecies, 10 secrets, visible sign, Final Battle. Our Lady & Russia – Youtube Video – 26 minutes
Akita: Our Lady Speaks from Japan – Pilgrim Reflections with Fr. Elias M. Mills, FI – Youtube Video – 17 minutes
Akita Apparitions and Sister Sasagawa – Youtube Video – 9 minutes
Sister Agnes Sasagawa &  Prophecies from Akita, Japan – Youtube Video – 25 minutes
Our Lady of Good Success – Quito, Ecuador: Her Prophecies and the Crisis in the Church – Youtube Video  – 5 minutes
Prophecies of our Lady of Good Success – Youtube Video – 8 minutes
More on Prophecies of our Lady of Good Success – Youtube Video – 30 minutes
Article by Fr. Carota – Our Lady Of Good Success – Prophecies For Our Times
Original Interview with Visionary Conchita – Garabandal Spain – Conchita Speaks 1973 – Youtube Video – 25 minutes
Interview with Visionary Conchita – Garabandal Spain – Youtube Video – 10 minutes
Garabandal, Spain Warning – Youtube – 1 hour, 56 minutes
Mark Mallett Blog – The Now Word
Spirit Daily Blog Article – Father Dom Michel Rodrigue Prophecies
Article on the Miraculous Image of our Lady of Guadalupe – (retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas)
The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) – Youtube Video – 18 minutes
Retreat Talk on Eucharistic Miracles – by Fr. Mark Goring – Youtube Video – 24 minutes
End Time Prophecies – St. Robert Bellarmine – Youtube Video – 25 minutes
“Seven Deadly Sins; Seven Lively Virtues” with Fr. Robert Barron – Youtube Video – 1 hour, 8 minutes
Bishop Sheen Video Playlist
Bishop Sheen on the Resurrection – Youtube Video – 26 minutes
Mother Angelica on the Resurrection and Faith – Youtube Video – 56 minutes
The Prophecies of Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich:  We Were Warned – Youtube Video – 19 minutes
Father Dom Michel Rodrigue Prophecies for the Warning – various Youtube Videos
Divine Mercy and Suicide – Father Chris Alar, MIC – Youtube Video – 58 minutes
The Warning – The Coming Illumination of Conscience – Fr. James Blount, Exorcist  – Youtube Video – 6 minutes
A Meditation on the Teaching of St. Gregory – an Article by Fr. Charles Pope – The Sin that Comes from Being a Busybody
Shrine News from the National Shrine for Divine Mercy  – Stockbridge, MA
Info & News from the John Paul II Centre for Divine Mercy Centre, Alfred, ON
Heaven, Hell & Purgatory – Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska- Youtube Video – 18 minutes
Various Youtube videos – Fr. Chad Ripperger
The Power of Forgiveness – Immaculee Ilibagiza – Rwanda – Youtube Video – 29 minutes
Upcoming spiritual retreats – Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre – Pickering, ON
The Message of La Salette – Frs. Marcel Schlewer, MS and Maurice Sublet, MS
Maria Esperanza – Betania approved Apparitions of Our Lady – Youtube Video – 55 minutes
Catholic Saints A-Z Reference
Eucharistic Healing Service with Sister Briege McKenna (2016) – Youtube Video – 1 hour, 28 minutes
Spiritual Motherhood of Priests – a Call to Pray for Priests
St. Rose of Viterbo & Antichrist Prophecies – Youtube Video – 17 minutes
Word on Fire – Bishop Barran Prophecies – His 15 top videos 
Word on Fire – Bishop Barran’s Youtube Site
Tre Ore – The Three Hours’ Agony – Word on Fire Movie – 3 hours
Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary – According to St. Louis de Montfort – Book guide to 33 day consecration to Jesus through Mary – Association of Mary Queen of all Hearts)

(To belong to the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts…
All that is necessary is for someone to make the 33-day Consecration to Jesus through Mary using the St. Louis de Montfort formula in the ‘grey book,’ then send in the form at the back of the book to the Montfort Fathers.
There are Plenary Indulgences offered to members on every First Saturday of the month, Christmas Day, Holy Thursday, day of one’s consecration, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, (Dec 8), the Annunciation (March 25), St. Louis de Montfort’s feast day, April 28th.  Book also available at St. Patrick’s Bookstore, Ottawa)