Works of Mercy

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Sister†Hood strives to incorporate the Works of Mercy in and for its members and in service to the world.



Mark 3:7-11
Christ Jesus, help me (my brother, my sister) come to you for healing…

Just as the crowds flocked to Jesus for healing at Lake Galilee years ago, so we are able to approach Christ for physical, spiritual, emotional and social healing today. Who is there amongst us who suffers from a lame body, a broken heart, an oppressed soul or a captured mind? Let him, let her, come to the Lord. Jesus still stands ‘in the boat’ –of faith –a little distance from our consciousness in the sea of the mystery of God and speaks to us words of wisdom. He is calling to us to come to him for restoration of the abundant life God designed us to have. When I come to Jesus for healing, will I seek out his healing touch, or simply sit on a rock, letting his radiant presence and words of life seep into the aching corners of my being? Christ Jesus, help me, and my brother, my sister, and all humanity, come to you for healing. Lord, help me, like your disciples of old, point others to you for healing.

God indeed is my saviour; I am confident and unafraid. (Isaiah 12:2) .

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.
Henri Nouwen
Soli ad gloriam dei