Sister†Hood Ki†s & Membership

Welcome to Sister†Hood!  We look forward to you joining us and becoming a Sister†Hood Sister. Register below to start receiving our monthly newsletter, Sis†er†Spiri† and consider purchasing one of our Sister†Hood Ki†s in our Shop.

Our membership is completely flexible and Sisters are able to join activities as their time and interest permit.  If there is a cost for any activity or special resources are needed, it is noted in the newsletter and on our website.

Membership links each woman to a wide network of like-minded women and a sense of community.  Should you wish, you may also purchase your own Sister†Hood Prayer, Protection & Inner Healing Ki† in our Shop.  Ki†s can be used independently for prayer, inner healing and spiritual protection, and are also used in our various events.

Sister†Hood Ki†s are powerful, inspirational, healing, spiritual protection tools that are easy to use. They facilitate growth in prayer, faith, inner healing, spiritual protection, and a deepening relationship with God.  Their unique tools enable women to become powerful instruments of Christ for themselves, their friends, families, workplaces, and, ultimately, the world.

Each Ki† contains a User’s Guide and:

  • † Sister†Hood Prayer Pamphlet
  • † Six Steps to Healing & Deliverance Prayer Guide, formulated by Father Francis Donnelly, CC
  • † Inspirational Bookmark
  • † Notebook & Pen
  • † Sister†Hood Prayer Cards
  • † A personal witness of testimony
  • † Divine Mercy Chaplet Guide/Pamphlet
  • †Blessing Prayer & Guide for use with Exorcism Blessed Salt
  • †Copy of Heather MacPhail’s Book – “On the Path to Calvary; Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross
  • Blessed Miraculous Medal
  • Blessed Pewter medal of Saint Benedict with a third class relic inserted on the back. Saint Benedict is the patron saint of Europe, good deaths and speleologists.

In addition, each Sister receives:

  • †Exorcised Blessed Salt, Exorcised Blessed Holy Water Packet and Father’s Love Letter free with each Sister†Hood Ki†. Used by permission Father Heart Communications © 1999
  • † Email/Telephone Support
  • † Sis†er†Spiri† Monthly E-Newsletters with Community News & Events
  • † Marketing & Advertising of local events through our website
  • †Notice of Kit Updates
  • †Access to powerful prayerlines, intercessory prayer team & in person prayer support (location & event-dependent)
  • †Suggested donation amounts are to offset our costs for materials, printing, packaging and associated costs to make these items available.
  • Ki†s currently available only in English.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!

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Donations of any amount can be made by e-transfer to, care of Karen Bourgon, or by credit card/Paypal below. Using the donation button below, please choose donation amount by changing quantity – available in $5.00 increments. Please note we are not able to issue charitable tax receipts at this time. Thank you so much for supporting our Ministry!