Healing Prayer

When God’s warriors go down on their knees the battle is not over. It has just begun…

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We open every SisterHub Meeting with our prayer to the Holy Spirit, so that God’s Presence and protection fills, leads and directs each Meeting. We close with our SisterHood Prayer – a Daily Prayer of Dedication developed by Rev. Joseph E. Kane, and entrustment to the Mother of Jesus, as well as the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  We provide a faith-building experience that allows our members to put forward their own personal intentions that are confidentially sent to several prayerlines.  We also recite the Rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy at a variety of our events as time allows.  We also acknowledge that you may not always be comfortable to pray.  We invite Sis†ers to participate according to their own desire during group prayer.  God will meet you…where you are.

In addition, we encourage our Sisters in individual prayer using our Inner Healing Prayer Tool found in our Sister†Hood Ki†s.  Sisers are asked to spend time daily if possible in personal prayer & reflection – bringing to God any area of their lives that needs grace & healing, and, through their prayer efforts, bringing graces to their friends, families, acquaintances, brothers & sisters in Christ and all humanity.

Prayer from our wonderful prayer team is also available should you wish it.  Please contact us for details.   Please also submit any prayer requests to our prayerlines at livesisterhood@gmail.com or click here.

New in 2019

Exorcised Blessed Salt with Blessing Prayer is now added to every  Sister†Hood Kit. Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals and other items are now available in our Shop

New in 2020

Heather MacPhail’s book, “On the Path to Calvary; Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross” – a book with prayers for use in the tradition of The Stations of the Cross, is added to each  Sister†Hood Kit.

New in 2021

Exorcised Blessed Holy Water Packets and the Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict Relic Medal are added to each Sister†Hood Kit.

Here is a beautiful prayer, often printed on prayer cards, that dates to the 1920s and sends your guardian angel to Mass when you are unable to attend the Holy Sacrifice.

O HOLY ANGEL at my side,
Go to Church for me,
Kneel in my place, at Holy Mass,
Where I desire to be.

At Offertory, in my stead,
Take all I am and own,
And place it as a sacrifice
Upon the Altar Throne.

At Holy Consecration’s bell,
Adore with Seraph’s love,
My Jesus hidden in the Host,
Come down from Heaven above.

Then pray for those I dearly love,
And those who cause me grief,
That Jesus’ Blood may cleanse all hearts,
And suff’ring souls relieve.

And when the priest Communion takes,
Oh, bring my Lord to me,
That His sweet Heart may rest on mine,
And I His temple be.

Pray that this Sacrifice Divine,
May mankind’s sins efface;
Then bring me Jesus’ blessing home,
The pledge of every grace. Amen