Inspirational Blog

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has become anything but routine for all people, and most women are now facing more life stresses than ever before. Here at Sister†Hood, our aim is as before – to aid all women in their life and spiritual journeys, and to provide opportunities for growth, support & fellowship for all women where they can ‘come as they are‘. As situations in the world and in our churches shift and change due to unfolding circumstances, Sister†Hood will continue to evolve to provide that support, fellowship and growth in the ways women truly need it. To that end, we have developed a variety of initiatives and online events designed to support faith and women & their families, and through them, continue to help our world.

Our new “Mothers at Prayer” (MAP) online prayer & support group is fashioned in the spirit of St. Monica, and will be a prayer and support group for all mothers to help them in their role as mothers, but especially to help them be intercessors for their children and families to come back to the faith and God. This monthly meeting will enable women from all areas and walks of life to pray and share the joys and struggles of motherhood, while interceding and working with God to bring their children back to Him if they have fallen away from the Church and faith.

Our monthly online ‘Sit Sip & Chat’ Sister†Hub Meetings will continue to be a place for women to explore and deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith, pray, and share their life journeys with other women.

Our Sister†Hood Shop, launched this spring, continues to provide a variety of items for spiritual protection, spiritual warfare, inner healing and prayer. This month sees the addition of Blessed 100% Beeswax Candles.

As the world continues to become a place of increased uncertainty, Sister†Hood will continue to strive to be a place of unity, fellowship and support for all our Sisters in Christ. To that end we are also launching our new ‘Sister†Net‘ this October. This ‘Sister Network’ has been an informal support network since the inception of Sister†Hood in 2016 – enabling all Sisters to reach out with questions and information requests, and for support in a variety of ways – but given the increased uncertainty in the world, we’ve now created a ‘Sister†Net’ page where Sisters can send in their questions, requests, and areas where they could use some Sister support. All submissions will be handled confidentially and help facilitate the power of our network to share our gifts, information and resources in these difficult times. As this ‘Sister†Net‘ is designed to be an extra support, it of course won’t replace professionals, but perhaps help make it easier for you to connect with resources from a supportive network. We encourage you to bookmark our ‘Sister†Net‘ page to make it easy to shoot a request to the network whenever the need arises. May God bless you and your families!