About Sister†Hood

We are Catholic women from all walks and stages of life who gather together for prayer, study, support, encouragement and growth in our spiritual journey.  Our pillars are faith formation, inner healing, spiritual warfare and community.

All women interested in fellowship, support and exploring and deepening their Christian faith are welcome at each of our events and online events.  Women will be linked to the larger community via events, remote network, our Community Newsletter, Sis†er†Spiri†, and use of our Sister†Hood Ki†s for Prayer, Protection & Inner Healing.

Our Sister†Hood meets regularly in SisterHubs, and other facilitated events, and in collaboration with priests, parishes and organizations such as EWTN and the Dominican University College to offer faith formation programs, study meetings, retreats, bible studies, healing workshops & retreats, seminars and special events.

Our essence is to provide opportunity for spiritual growth, inner healing, fellowship,  community, prayer, faith formation, tools for spiritual warfare and leadership development.  We support, encourage, fellowship with, mentor & foster the growth of our Sisters in Christ, and through them provide powerful support to our parishes, communities, the laity, and in turn, the world.

We are also excited to announce the important addition of our Sister†Hood Shop where everyone can access important products for our times by donation, such as Exorcised Blessed Sacramental Kits, Blessed 100% Beeswax Candles & Spiritual Protection/Prayer/Inner Healing Kits, books & other items. Exorcised Blessed Sacramentals are provided free of charge.  All items are made available by suggested donation on a not-for-profit basis to offset our costs for materials, printing, packaging and associated costs to make these items available. All items are able to be ordered online and either picked up locally, or shipped directly to you. Please contact us should you have any questions. May God bless you abundantly and keep you safe, healthy and close to Him in these difficult times.

  • Shop our store here for powerful tools for inner healing, prayer and spiritual protection.
  • Join here and start receiving our monthly Newsletter, Sis†er†Spiri†.  Attendance at all events is flexible and optional in order to be uniquely tailored to each Sister’s needs and interests, and to be of support to our Sisters in Christ.

Founder & Facilitator – Karen Bourgon – St. Patrick’s Fallowfield.  Founder & author of The Deliverance Network.

We welcome donations to support our not-for-profit Ministry and work for and with women.

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