About Sister†Hood


We are Catholic women from all walks and stages of life who gather together to support, encourage, and grow together in our spiritual journey.  Our pillars are faith formation, fellowship, inner healing & spiritual warfare.  All women interested in exploring and deepening their Christian faith are welcome.  Founded in 2016 in Ottawa, we meet regularly in SisterHubs, with special events, workshops, retreats and formation programs offered throughout the year.  We work in collaboration with parishes and organizations such as the Dominican University College to offer faith formation programs, retreats, bible studies, healing workshops, seminars and special events.

Our essence is to provide opportunity for spiritual growth, inner healing, fellowship,  community, prayer, faith formation, tools for spiritual warfare and leadership development.  We support, encourage, fellowship with, mentor & foster the growth of our Sisters in Christ, and through them provide powerful support to our parishes, communities, the laity, and in turn, the world.

We all need community, fellowship, mentorship, nurturing, support, healing, learning & growth in our spiritual Christian journey as women!  If you are interested in starting a SisterHub prayer & formation group in your area, please contact us for more information.  We will provide you with all the information & resources you need to bring a SisterHub to you!

Overseer –  Father Francis Donnelly – Companions of the Cross, Ottawa

Founder – Karen Bourgon – St. Patrick’s Fallowfield

Facilitators –  Karen Bourgon & Julie Lamarche – St. Patrick’s Basilica

Karen is a Catholic wife & mom of 6, with a background in Administration, Blogging, Fitness Consulting, Personal Support & Pastoral Care. Founder & author of The Deliverance Network & What’s On Catholic Ottawa? Julie has a degree in the study of Theology & Sacred Scripture, with a background in teaching, ministry & spiritual direction.