About Sister†Hood

We are Catholic women from all walks and stages of life who gather together for prayer, study, support, encouragement and growth in our spiritual journey.  Our pillars are faith formation, inner healing, spiritual warfare and community.

All women interested in exploring and deepening their Christian faith are welcome at each of our events, as are all women who wish to be linked to the larger community by remote network, via our Community Newsletter, Sis†er†Spiri†, and use of our Sister†Hood Ki†s for Prayer, Protection & Inner Healing.

Our Sister†Hood meets regularly in SisterHubs, and in collaboration with parishes and organizations such as EWTN and the Dominican University College to offer faith formation programs, study meetings, retreats, bible studies, healing workshops & retreats, seminars and special events.

Our essence is to provide opportunity for spiritual growth, inner healing, fellowship,  community, prayer, faith formation, tools for spiritual warfare and leadership development.  We support, encourage, fellowship with, mentor & foster the growth of our Sisters in Christ, and through them provide powerful support to our parishes, communities, the laity, and in turn, the world.

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Overseer –  Father Francis Donnelly – Companions of the Cross, Ottawa

Founder & Facilitator – Karen Bourgon – St. Patrick’s Fallowfield.  Founder & author of The Deliverance Network & What’s On Catholic Ottawa?

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We welcome donations to support our not-for-profit Ministry and work for and with women.


Donations of any amount can be made by e-transfer to livesisterhood@gmail.com, care of Karen Bourgon, or by credit card/Paypal below. Using the donation button below, please choose donation amount by changing quantity – available in $5.00 increments. Please note we are not able to issue charitable tax receipts at this time. Thank you so much for supporting our Ministry!